It has been a hectic time at The William Light Institute.

It has been a hectic time at The William Light Institute. Our unique Wound Management Resource Program has received considerable interest from nurses within Australia and in parts of Asia. At the same time the program has been successfully launched across India in partnership with Apollo Medskills. The third intake of our Graduate Certificate in Wound Management is progressing well with our partners Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation Education Centre. Also, we are well advanced in the development of two new Graduate Diplomas for nurses and other allied health professionals.

Again in health we are progressing research into the skill needs of allied health professionals wishing to participate in the National Disability Insurance Scheme. Here we are considering industry credentials as well as formal Australian Qualifications Framework courses.

In our Professional Year Program for international students who have graduated with an IT degree in Australia, we have obtained a new campus for our Sydney operation which will be commencing next month. We also received a welcome visit from the Australian Computer Society staff who provided some great advice to our Adelaide students on the industry and the benefits of using ACS resources. We are the sole provider in Australia for the Professional Year that caters only  IT students and those students obtain the benefits of an  IT focussed curriculum and our extensive knowledge of the industry. 

There has also been activity around the legacy of our namesake Colonel William Light. A bronze plaque has been laid at the exact spot where Colonel William Light began his historic survey for the City of Adelaide and surrounds on 2nd May 1837. An international group of surveyors and historians is seeking World Heritage listing for this site. Light was the first surveyor to use a trigonometric survey for land records. Historian and Light Expert Ms. Kelly Henderson says that Light’s techniques had stood the test of time by using exact points and highly accurate triangles. ‘Previously trigonometric surveys or ‘trig surveys’ were used for scientific purposes to measure the shape of the earth, but Light’s is the first of its kind in the world’ said Ms. Henderson. ‘In scientific terms, the point marks are the first global application of a coordinated land record (cadastre) survey.’ 


Greg Black