Presidents Newsletter -  23 June 2015

Job Ready Courses!

As a CEO and Board Director for over 25 years I have had extensive experience as an employer. The issue most employers have with graduates (and this is a world-wide phenomenon) is the lack of what employer groups call ‘employability’ or ‘job ready’ skills.

From a graduates perspective these ‘job ready skills’ also include work attitudes and behaviours.

A brief summary would include:

  • Sound verbal and written communication skills and being a good listener
  • Being a team player
  • Good work attitude, being reliable and punctual
  • Being creative and willing to take measured risks in your job
  • Having a capacity to synthesise or reach conclusions or identify ideas or opportunities from available data

What many employers also say is that new graduates often have the technical skill needed for the job but need lots of development as regards at least some of these job ready skills and behaviours.

At The William Light Institute we pride ourselves on producing ‘job ready’ graduates. All our courses such as professional bridging programs; professional development short courses; the Professional Year Program and; our new courses with Australian Catholic University have ‘job ready’ skills as our key priority. We also provide career counselling and job placement services as part of our program.

We are very excited by our partnership with Australian Catholic University.  ACU courses have two internship programs as part of each course and many courses contain industry accreditations. So for example the B Commerce (Accounting) has internships in year one and year three. Internships, involving real work in a company and a not for profit agency, providing invaluable experience in work places and are a great way to fast track students skills. Also graduates automatically become Associate Members of CPA Australia one of the world’s largest accounting membership bodies recognised in 120 countries around the world.

If your ambition is to graduate and work in your profession, then you should consider and ACU course at The William Light Institute


Greg Black