Why should anyone choose to study at The William Light Institute?

I am regularly asked by parents, students, pathway providers, employers and others one simple question, ‘Why should anyone choose to study at The William Light Institute?’

Good question! I hear you say. Well the answer is only a little complicated. First the negatives (if indeed they are negatives.)

The William Light Institute doesn’t have massive nineteenth century stone buildings complete with imitation gothic gargoyles and turrets. We don’t have sprawling lawns and huge student social clubs that put on the latest international pop music concerts. We don’t have hundreds of full time researchers beavering away with little incentive to teach. But, and it’s a big ‘but’, nor do we experience the average 30 percent of students who fail to complete their first year of studies at these same prestigious institutions.

The William Light Institute is small. However I maintain, and the evidence backs me up that small is beautiful!! We have a modern campus in the heart of picturesque Adelaide. We have fantastic partners like Australian Catholic University. We are passionate about teaching. Teaching is all that we do. Our classes are small- not 200 students in a massive chamber but typically less than 20 students in a room where all the students are known by their teacher and that teacher tracks student progress on a weekly basis.  We have support staff who also know each student by name and look after them when they need assistance. We have a virtually perfect record of student success and our mission is to continue with providing a high quality educational experience.

It is the time of year in Australia (autumn but to most people around the world it is still summer) when universities commence their programs. The media in Australia this week has made much of the serious problem of first year university drop outs. I nod sagely listening to colleagues from bigger institutions lamenting the fact. Indeed the 30 per cent drop-out rate has been a reality for many years. The root causes are many and varied but a common issue is the difficulty many students experience in transitioning from a supportive high school environment to the freedom and lack of structure at a university.

What I know is that at The William Light Institute we don’t even have a ‘drop out rate’ A few students defer or leave usually due to personal family issues- the great major have success. The William Light Institute knows how to ensure that international students succeed. Our staff and students are treated like a family, a big friendly family that strives to enable students to reach their potential.

 So, give us a try I say! Our courses program with Australian Catholic University will gradually grow over the next year so if you want academic success please think of us.


Greg Black