A list of recent Tech Start Up Companies


When you are ready to start seriously looking for a career job in IT one of the areas of great opportunity is with the Tech Start Up sector. Start ups are generally less than 3 years old, have a new or innovative product or service idea and have some capital available for development. Some start ups are generated from University research programs and many have received some form of government assistance or other ‘Angel’ investment to get going and develop their business strategy.

I would encourage PY students to research Tech Start Ups in your city or region and make the effort to contact the ones that you think might be an option for you. You never know what might happen!!

For example here is my attempt at a list of recent Tech Start Ups in Adelaide. It is not exhaustive I am sure you can find others.

Check them out!

  • Accurate Dosing
  • Ailytic
  • AML Technologies
  • ARI
  • Biosensis
  • Bluedot Innovation
  • CADWalk Global
  • Clevertar
  • Daitum
  • Envido
  • Etrain Interactive
  • Fluoro
  • Good Thnx
  • Green Frog
  • iDataMap
  • Infusion Innovations
  • Makers Empire
  • Medical Exchange Link
  • Oilpath
  • 1414 Degrees (formerly Latent Heat)
  • Personal Care
  • Plan2Profit
  • Portalink
  • Prism Systems
  • Rubitronics
  • Seed Terminator
  • Seels Technology
  • Sine
  • Spinflector Industries
  • Supashock
  • SureNUT
  • 3RT
  • Water Find
  • Wilson Pastoral

Once a start up has been established- usually meaning the product is marketable, they often then go into capital raising and rapid expansion from their modest base. Examples from the list above that expanding are Supashock, Sine and Seed Terminator.

If you are in on the ‘ground floor’ with such companies you will be in a fantastic position to benefit from this growth. A few Adelaide companies who have already gone to the next level include Life Whisperer, Might Kingdom, Power Health Solutions and Myriota. But there are many more. Be on the lookout and take the first step by contacting them. Remember, the Tech sector generally is a fairly collaborative environment. People know people so if your first attempts don’t get far even the contact may be enough to get you known around town and into the network.


Greg Black