Teach in Australia program for 2015!

A New Approach!

Our innovative course for overseas training secondary maths and science teachers, ‘Teach in Australia’ will have a new look for 2015. A key requirement to teach in Australia is a very high level of English language competence. In order to achieve a high level of success we have decided to combine Teach in Australia with an intensive academic English program. This combined program over 44 weeks will ensure that participating teachers reach the required English level whilst undertaking Teach in Australia. Participating teachers will have a student visa and can work part time whilst studying. The extended study period for Teach in Australia will enable us to engage with a broader choice of school experiences and expert advisers during Teach in Australia. Our partner the South Australian College of English has over 20 years experience in English language teaching and we have agreed to ensure that the content of the academic English component is relevant to teaching.

The first intake of Teach in Australia/Academic English will be in February 2015.